1st Edition: The Harm Reduction Exchange

Smoking pregnant women at risk of delivering stillbirths, miscarriage and premature birth

Kenyan Consultant Pediatrician, Epidemiologist and Researcher, Dr. Kariuki Michael, made the revelation at the Third Edition of Harm Reduction Exchange

Adopt harm reduction approaches in public healthcare, Nigeria, others told

Stakeholders across Africa have called on the Nigerian government and other governments across Africa, to adopt harm reduction approaches and

Harm Reduction Should Guide Regulations in HealthCare

Speaking during the third annual Harm Reduction Exchange themed: ‘Amplifying the voice of Harm Reduction advocacy across Africa’, the president of the

Consider harm reduction to guide public healthcare policy – State told

Stakeholders in the health sector have been challenged to consider harm reduction as a key guide in driving public health

Third harm reduction exchange centres on tobacco harm reduction initiatives

19th October 2023,  Stakeholders in the health sector have been challenged to consider harm reduction as a key guide in

Harm Reduction Should Guide Regulations in Public Healthcare

Kenya hosts the third harm reduction exchange as the focus centres on tobacco harm reduction initiative. Stakeholders in the health

Africa in need of a tobacco control policy built on scientific risk assessment

The Campaign for Safer Alternatives (CASA), an organisation based in Kenya, working with various stakeholders, including policymakers, on key issues

Smoking: Africa must prioritise Harm Reduction – experts

With about eight million people dying annually due to smoking-related illnesses and outright quitting being difficult for most smokers, experts

Não é sobre religião nem crença, é sobre ciência

Não é sobre religião nem crença, é sobre ciência – Foi uma das intervenções mais contundentes do 2º Intercâmbio sobre

Tobacco control

Issues surrounding health of tobacco smokers and people around them has long been a serious cause of worry. At the second

Adopt new products to curb tobacco-related deaths, African government told

AFRICAN governments have been implored to adopt new strategies to reduce public health threats caused by tobacco as eight million

Science-Led Regulations – The panacea to tobacco Harm Reduction in Africa

Tobacco control in Africa remains a major factor in the Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR) equation. While there are no specific laws

Navigating Obstacles To Tobacco Harm Reduction Efforts In Africa

SMOKING prevalence is relatively low on the African continent despite projections by the World Health Organisation (WHO) that the total number

Kenya urged to adopt nicotine alternatives

Kenya has been urged to accelerate the availability of alternatives to tobacco products, which can potentially lower the health risks

Tobacco: Why Africa must prioritise harm reduction – Expert

By Ngozi Nwoke Worried by the growing evidence of tobacco use and given its impact on public health, experts from various fields

Quit or die sooner

Abdoul Kassé, world renowned oncologist and a professor of surgery at the Cancer Institute in Senegal, has warned smokers to

Technology key in reducing smoking harm – experts

Technology and alternatives will play key role in reducing effects of cigarette smoking in Africa. This as reports show e-cigarette

Harm reduction key in public health strategies and tobacco control

MEDIA has been called upon to play a critical role in accelerating harm reduction efforts by informing and sensitizing cigarette

Media crucial in countering tobacco harm reduction misinformation

Phillip Morris International (PMI) says misinformation has hampered its campaign to replace combustible cigarettes with tobacco harm reduction alternatives. “But