Experts declare WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control irrelevant in tobacco harm reduction

Health experts, especially those specialized in harm reduction, have declared as irrelevant the World Health Organization (WHO) Framework Convention on

Heat-not-burn products will not kill the tobacco market: Dr Kgosi Letlape

By Danie Chigundu Harm reduction advocate Dr Kgosi Letlape has dispelled a belief that the adoption and coming in of non

Tobacco kills 8 million yearly

Tobacco is responsible for more preventable deaths than obesity, alcohol, road accidents, drug abuse and HIV combined according to experts.

Governments urged to adopt modern harm reduction policies

AFRICAN Governments have been challenged to enact laws that will enhance the availability and dissemination of information on the harms

Smoking Prematurely Kills Around 8 Million Globally

By Edward Makuzva Cigarette smoking is not only the most common form of tobacco use but one of the leading

Health expert Clive Bates reveals that smoking kills 8m people annually

At least eight million people die from smoking annually surpassing obesity, alcohol, road accidents, drug misuse and HIV combined, an

Vaping better than tobacco cigarettes, say experts

Patricia Mashiri Experts have called on reduction of tobacco cigarettes intake and resort to vaping as it posses less danger

Vaping as a Harm Reduction Strategy: Balancing Safety, Popularity, and Regulation

According to World Bank data, the prevalence of current tobacco use (% of adults) in Zimbabwe stood at 11.7% in

E-cigarettes best alternative for those who cant quit smoking

By Kudakwashe Pembere VAPES or e-cigarettes have been considered the best alternative for people who cannot quit smoking cigarettes largely

Vaping a Source of Tobacco Harm Reduction

All tobacco products and some liquids for e-cigarettes include the chemical nicotine. The tobacco plant is the main source of

Vaping in Zimbabwe: A Growing Concern

By Fadzayi Ndangana Vaping, the act of inhaling vaporized substances through electronic cigarettes or similar devices, has gained popularity worldwide

Are novel nicotine products the game changer towards smoking cessation

“Smoking may be hazardous to health” is a notice that we have seen and heard on adverts or on packages

Calls for harm reduction policies grow louder

Experts have called on responsible authorities to craft policies that focus on tobacco harm reduction amid rising implications of smoking.

8 Million die globally from tobacco use

Tobacco smokers will likely find it easier to switch to a less harmful product than to quit totally, a recent

Smoking is Bad for Your Health, Is Vaping the Better Option? Here are the Facts

By Learnmore Nyoni According to the American Lung Association, smoking is the leading cause of preventable diseases and deaths globally, claiming no

Tobacco harm reduction policies must be entrenched in science and evidence

By Daphne Machiri Tobacco use has become a huge and growing public health burden worldwide, with the threat to global

International Health Experts Urge Malawi to Advocate for Public Health at FCTC Forums

BLANTYRE, Malawi – International health experts have called upon Malawi’s delegates attending the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) forums to

Harm Reduction Luminary Clive Bates Discusses Nicotine’s Nuances, Accessibility in Tobacco Alternatives

In an online session organised by Integra Africa, with support from Phillip Morris on Tuesday, Clive Bates, a prominent authority

Africa Must Prioritise Harm Reduction

Experts have tasked African countries to accord priority to tobacco harm reduction by ensuring that regulation of tobacco use on

Getting Tough On Vaping Drives People Into Smoking Combustible Tobacco

Despite the massive crackdown on smoking in the form of bans and taxes, coupled with well-coordinated misinformation around emerging Tobacco